Thanks for the great Season!     CLOSED

Mrs. Kalin’s Barn is a special place to relax and truly enjoy a day in the country!  Take the 1300 foot forested driveway up the ravine to the top of Green Bluff.  There sits an original historic farm, a little off the beaten track, yet very quiet and serene.  You are welcome to unpack your picnic basket and let the kiddies run.  You will enjoy the wide-open spaces and panoramic views that make Green Bluff gorgeous. 

We invite you to pick our famous Green Bluff  fresh fruit.  We have many varieties of cherries; Bing, Lambert, Black Jade and Pie.  Rainiers are big enough to be picked, as well as peaches in our growing orchard.  We also specialize in large juicy red ripe raspberries, as well as wonderfully sweet blueberries.  Typically, raspberries and peaches are available for picking in August and September.

Green Bluff U-Pick Fresh Fruit